Elect Mark Skidmore, Republican, Tennessee 45th District State Representative

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Vote August 5, 2004


Mark Skidmore's stand on the issues:

  • Expand on a conservative voting record as City Alderman as a member of the State Legislature.
  • Use his hands-on experience with state projects to succeed as a legislator.
  • Continue to fight against raising taxes and bring that same fiscal responsibility to the state level.
  • Opposes and will fight against the State Income Tax.
  • Help the people of Sumner County by putting his experience to work for them for economic prosperity.
  • Continue to work for implementation of worthy road projects and the improvement of roads in Tennessee by seeking a seat on the House Transportation Committee.
  • Seek to help tie the efforts of Forward Sumner, Inc., together with the Department of Economic Community Development.
  • Based on years of negotiations with corporate leaders he will have a pro-job, business friendly agenda to take to the State House of Representatives.
  • Continue to support topnotch police and fire protection.
  • Will work to tighten the controls of the state lottery system and reel in the high salaries paid to lottery administrators.

209 Neptune Dr., Hendersonville, TN 37075 | 615-824-3070 | Email: [email protected]
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